Shoeless Joe's Sports Grill

menu Creating a menu full of fan
favourites is like drafting a
team for the major leagues.
From our Gourmet Burgers
to our health conscious
We have something
for every fan!
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sports grill
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Sports The only experience that can compete with
being at the game, is watching the game
at Shoeless Joe’s Sports Grill. Being surrounded
by fellow sports fans, great food and
outstanding service is THE TRIFECTA FOR
The Ultimate Fan Experience. Catch all your favourite sports action
At your local shoeless joe's.
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Sponsorship We sponsor all teams anytime! 15% of food purchases will be accumulated over
the season towards your team account for an
end-of-season party at Shoeless Joe's!

Each team member will receive a Team Member VIP
Card for additional contributions to your team
account when dining with family or friends!
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Franchising realize your dream click here to find out more franchising inquiries if you would like to request
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shoeless joe's sports grill
Events We celebrate our fans, community and partners
all season long! Check out what’s happening
at your local Shoeless Joe’s Sports Grill!