After A Long Night at the Rink

After a long night at the rink cheering on your friends or hitting the ice with your team, you are in no mood to cook! Let us save you from slaving over a hot stove and fill you with great food from our grill.

Sports fans enjoying great food and the game at Shoeless Joe’s.

When the team comes off the ice, you know it’s time to refuel. With a menu stuffed with signature items there is something to satisfy every sports fan. After toughing it out on the rink, watch the pros take over the big screens while you enjoy a beer. Not ready for a frosty pint just yet? Warm up with our specialty coffees, don’t worry we won’t judge you if you ask for whipped cream!

Whether it was a tough game, or an easy win, bring the team spirit back to Shoeless Joe’s. Not only are we huge hockey fans, but with every food purchase your team makes, 15% will be accumulated over the season towards an end-of-year party. We also have a better beer selection than your bar fridge at home!

Shoeless Joe’s is the Ultimate Sports Destination. From giving you a break in the kitchen, to toasting your team’s win with a cold beer and wings, we are home for all sports fans.

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